The Master Plan

In October 1998, Pathways for Radford and the City of Radford received a grant of $8,200 from the Virginia Department of Forestry to develop a Master Plan for the revitalization of Wildwood Park. Pathways spent the year surveying the wildlife of the park, mapping the trails, and surveying community opinion about the park. The grant paid for the Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) in the Virginia Tech College of Architecture to take the information and develop a conceptual plan. CDAC worked closely with Pathways and the City Director for Planning and Community Development. Several rounds of preliminary proposals were presented for community comment. The Master Plan was completed in August, 1999 and was approved as a starting concept by Pathways, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Beautification and Forestry Commission, and the Radford City Council.  The plan and original drawings are maintained in the office of Planning and Community Development.

To get a PDF copy of the Master Plan click here.  (Warning: Large file: 8 MB)


Implementation of the Master Plan

Pathways, the city of Radford, and numerous volunteers have begun implementing the Master Plan.

What we've done

What we need to do

We especially need people willing to give of their time and money to support this effort. Our vision will remain only that -a vision- unless people are willing to give of themselves to help.  All grants require the citizens of Radford to contribute matching contributions and donation of their time.  Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and contributions.

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