Implementation of the Master Plan

What we've done

Pathways, the city of Radford, and numerous volunteers have begun implementing the Master Plan.

The Riverway bike path passes through the park, continuing to Park Street at the south, and to the Radford University Dedmon Center at the Northeast.  This bikeway is popular for biking and walking, and several bike races have used it.

In 2001, with funds from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Enviro Education Program and the Virginia Environmental Endowment,  a pair of butterfly meadows where constructed in the floodplain.  Now that the grants have expired, the gardens are being maintained as wild open spaces for butterflies and other wildlife.

With grants from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation , as well as community help, including volunteer help from Radford University's Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, trails have been built on both the east and west sides of the park. Volunteers are needed for occasional weekend work on trail maintenance.

With the vision and hard work of Frank Taylor, the outdoor classroom has risen at one end of the south butterfly meadow.  This building was created through incredible hard work of volunteers from the community.  See the Outdoor Classroom Story for more information.

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Page last modified: 20 July 2007