The Wildwood Outdoor Classroom

The official groundbreaking ceremony took place Friday, July 1st.  At left below are various officials and dignitaries from Radford City and Pathways for Radford who have been involved in this project.  They are posing with official shovels to show their commitment to getting the work done.  At right representatives of the community, including some of the children who may one day use the facility, are getting into the act.  The project is now officially underway.  The city will be doing some site prep in July.  Radford High School Biology teacher Frank Taylor (far left in left picture) is organizing the project and hopes to be pouring the footings in early August.

The Outdoor Classroom Story:
     The Outdoor Classroom is Planned
     The Poles Go Up
     The Beams Go on the Poles
     Radford High School Helps Out
     Community Barn Raising: 1. The Roof Trusses
     Community Barn Raising: 2. Support for the Workers
     Community Barn Raising: 3. Finishing the Roof 
     The Classroom Finally in Use   



Page last modified: 13 March 2006