The Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
The Beams Go on the Poles

Wednesday August 23, a dozen members of the community joined Frank Taylor to get the supporting beams onto the poles that had been erected earlier.  These brave and strong volunteers were Mark Lineburg, Ronnie Gilmore, Bill Sydnor, Bill Taylor, Seth Lacy, Bill Lacy, Tommy Sproule, Thor Sproule, Seth Gillespie, Chuck Crowder, Wilson Rankin and Liz Altieri.  They placed two 30-foot beams and two 20-foot beams into position.  The 30-footers will be load bearing beams on which the trusses will sit.  The beams are made from 10-foot lengths of treated 2X10's bolted together with half inch bolts.  Eight people minimum were needed to lift each 30-footer. The beams were attached to the poles with 1/2 inch bolts, two in every pole.  Care was taken to ensue the structure was level and square.  With the help of all these folks, it took a mere 50 minutes to complete this stage of the project!

The next step will be to install braces at each post, metal brackets in corners, and cross-bracing to prevent "racking" of structure.

Biology II students from the High School will spread mulch, and the structure will be ready to be put under roof at the September 10 barn raising.  Remember volunteers will be greatly appreciated on that date.  Pie and lemonade will be provided.


  Left above: Heave away!  Let's get this girder up!

Right above: Nine folks carrying a 30-footer.

At left: Lifting first girder into place.


Left above: Keeping the girder in place.

Right above: Young quality control technician waits to check if it's level.

Right:  Is it a go on this one?


Above: Drilling holes for the bolts.   Above:  Tired and proud, the workers admire their handiwork as night comes on.

The Outdoor Classroom Story:
     The Outdoor Classroom is Planned
     The Poles Go Up
     The Beams Go on the Poles
     Radford High School Helps Out
     Community Barn Raising: 1. The Roof Trusses
     Community Barn Raising: 2. Support for the Workers
     Community Barn Raising: 3. Finishing the Roof
     The Classroom Finally in Use

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Page last modified: 13 March 2006