The Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Community "Barn-Raising"
Part 3: Finishing the Roof

Once the trusses were up, the roof was still not finished.  Plywood had to be placed across the trusses to create the actual roof and shingles had to go on top of that.  More work lay ahead.
Starting the coverup.   The coverup continues.
Almost to the top!   Sealing the sides.

Shingling begins.   Nearly shingled.
Finished!!!   With tables installed, the classroom at the end of the day is a far cry from the skeleton that stood there in the morning.

The Outdoor Classroom Story:
     The Outdoor Classroom is Planned
     The Poles Go Up
     The Beams Go on the Poles
     Radford High School Helps Out
     Community Barn Raising: 1. The Roof Trusses
     Community Barn Raising: 2. Support for the Workers
     Community Barn Raising: 3. Finishing the Roof
     The Classroom Finally in Use

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Page last modified: 13 March 2006