The Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Community "Barn-Raising"
Part 1: The Roof Trusses

Saturday, September 10, Pathways for Radford held an old-fashioned community "barn-raising."  Just as rural communities have so often gathered in the past to raise a barn for one of the community's members, Radford folk gathered to raise an outdoor classroom for our own community.  Many hands can make quick work of raising a barn; so too, many willing workers turned a skeleton into an outdoor classroom in a few hours.  And just as a barn-raising draws a rural community closer together, our "barn-raising" forged friendships and fellowship among the citizens of our local community.
Trusses have been delivered, scaffolding has been erected, and everything is ready to go.   The workers begin to arrive.
They ain't heavy!   Work starts and the first trusses go up.

It's coming along.   Next!
Raising the truss.   Getting it into place.

Precise positioning.   The view from below.
Getting near the end.   The last truss goes up!
Every barn-raising needs support for the hard workers.  Check out part 2:  Support for the Workers. 

The Outdoor Classroom Story:
     The Outdoor Classroom is Planned
     The Poles Go Up
     The Beams Go on the Poles
     Radford High School Helps Out
     Community Barn Raising: 1. The Roof Trusses
     Community Barn Raising: 2. Support for the Workers
     Community Barn Raising: 3. Finishing the Roof
     The Classroom Finally in Use

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Page last modified: 13 March 2006