The Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Radford High School Helps Out

Thursday morning, September 1, the city delivered 12 cubic yards of mulch to the Outdoor Classroom site.  Meanwhile, members of Pathways for Radford brought in wheelbarrows they were willing to lend.  Later that day, Mr. Taylor's Biology II classes descended upon the site with in rakes and pitchforks.  With these tools, the mulch was spread over the previously muddy, messy site.
  Left above: The mulch pile as delivered.

Right above: Biology II students: gung-ho and ready to go!

At left: Pitching mulch.


Left above: Dumping mulch under the structure.

Right above: Raking it out.

Right:  Still an awful lot of mulch left.

While Mr. Taylor was supervising the mulchers, students from RHS Building Trades classes were also busy.  Earlier these students had pre-cut and assembled braces for the outdoor classroom in their shop in the High School.  While the mulchers mulched they brought the braces down, drilled holes in the structure, and installed the braces with lag bolts.  The structure, a beautiful example of post and beam construction, is now very sturdy and read for a roof.


Left above:  Building Trades students drill pilot holes for the lag bolts to hold the braces.

Right above: Installing the final braces.

Left:  No mo' mulch!


Mulched, braced and bannered, the classroom is read for a roof.

The Outdoor Classroom Story:
     The Outdoor Classroom is Planned
     The Poles Go Up
     The Beams Go on the Poles
     Radford High School Helps Out
     Community Barn Raising: 1. The Roof Trusses
     Community Barn Raising: 2. Support for the Workers
     Community Barn Raising: 3. Finishing the Roof
     The Classroom Finally in Use

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Page last modified: 13 March 2006